Concept Art

bridge in early stage of construction
Bridge view, under attack by Testmi ships.
Space view of attack.
Close up of Mousehole (symbols not final)
Bridge facing the control platforms.
Bridge Door Entrance/Exit.
Floor 0 Corridor On The Other Side Of The Bridge Door.
Elevator Is On The Left, First Junction.
Inside The Elevator.
End Of Floor 0 Corridor/Entrance Of Mess Hall.
Mess Hall.

Hidden Pantry Is On The Farthest Corner Of The Room
Kitchen Retro-Fitted By Hashi
The Oven Is The Thing On The Very Left, It Goes Up And Down, And The Grilles Heat Up Independently Of the Oven.

The Hotplates Are In the Middle With An Air Vent/Fan Behind It.
On The Right Is Hashi’s Spice Draws.
Kitchen Retro-Fitted By Hashi.
On The Left Is Hashi’s Spice Draws.
Top Middle Is Food Preparation.
Bottom Middle Are Draws For Storage.
On The Right Is A Bolted Down Chopping Board.
Kitchen Retro-Fitted By Hashi.
On the Left Is The Bolted Down Chopping Board.

In The Middle Is The Sink With The Water Controls to the Right.

On The Water Controls You Have A Screen That Displays The Water’s Temperature. The On/Off Button Is On The Right. To Adjust The Temperature, Use The Slider At the Bottom

On The Right Is A Dish Dryer With A Glass Door And A Towel Rack On The Side.
The Hidden Pantry. (Not Done Yet, I Still Have To Ad Food And Force Fields To Keep The Food From Flying. (Not Sure How I Am Going To Do The Latter Just Yet))